Use Tamoxifen Citrate to Fight Against Breast Cancer

There are many types of diseases that targets specific genders only.  For females, one of the deadly diseases they need to deal with is breast cancer.  All over the world, there are many women who succumb to this disease when in fact it can be prevented or even treated when it is detected during its early stages.  This is why many women are taught to be vigilant on self-examining themselves on whether they have developed the condition.  Additionally, it pays to consult a medical professional occasionally so that they can perform proper diagnosis and that if you are at high risk in developing the condition.

If you have discovered that you have breast cancer or that you have high risk in developing it, you will need to take tamoxifen citrate for both treatment and prevention.  If you consult your doctor, it is likely that you will be prescribed to take tamoxifen citrate as well so as to treat or prevent the condition from developing.  Tamoxifen citrate has been proven time and time again in helping women treat/prevent breast cancer.  Basically, what makes tamoxifen citrate very effective is due to its anti-estrogenic effect.  Since breast cancer essentially feeds on estrogen, tamoxifen citrate competes with estrogen in bonding with estrogen receptor cells.  Through this mechanism of action, tamoxifen citrate is able to stop the growth and development of breast cancer.

If you are considered by your doctor to be of high risk or that it was found that you have the cancer at its early stages, you will most likely be required by your doctor to take tamoxifen citrate.  Tamoxifen citrate comes in pill form and is taken orally.  Depending on your doctor’s instructions, you may be required to take the drug once or perhaps twice per day.  It is important thought that you pay close attention to your schedule when taking tamoxifen citrate as this is crucial for your treatment.  You can take tamoxifen citrate with or even without any food as the drug is actually very safe.  Even so, you should never chew, crush, or even split the drug you will be taking.  Never ever take tamoxifen citrate along with alcoholic beverages.

Tamoxifen citrate cannot be purchased without any medical prescription.  This is why it pays to give your doctor a visit so you can get the necessary prescription for this drug.  Since estrogen is a hormone and that you will normally produce that very hormone at least every day, it means you will need to take tamoxifen citrate for quite some time in order to starve your breast cancer or its development to death.  There are some women who even take the drug for as long as 5 years.  Nevertheless, it pays to take tamoxifen citrate rather than risk developing the cancer which is not only painful for your part and expensive to medicate, but you also risk dying on an untimely manner due to the disease.  This is why in order to treat or prevent the onset of breast cancer, it is important that you take tamoxifen citrate for treatment.