Tadalafil Citrate – the Longest ED Pill to Last!

Unlike the other popular ED pills such as Viagra, vardenafil, and avanafil, only tadalafil citrate holds the record of providing effects for up to 36 hours. This is the main reason why tadalafil citrate has been popular for being the weekend warrior pill. A lot of men were able to appreciate this because it makes them more flexible in their time to have sexual intercourse with their partners. In fact, tadalafil citrate does have higher quality of outcomes as compared to the other competing medications. If you think you need a drug that will not bother you about from time to time whenever you see a green light then tadalafil citrate is the right medication for you.

So far tadalafil citrate also promises faster outcomes as compared to other medications. Men were able to achieve the onset of the results for about less than 30 minutes after taking the tadalafil citrate pill. Of course the waiting period can be very annoying and it takes away the mood. If you desire for a pill that will not annoy you with the waiting period then you might want to switch with tadalafil citrate.

To take tadalafil citrate simply swallow the pill as a whole together with a glass of drinking water. Unlike the other pills, tadalafil citrate will not be affected with food so you may take it with or without your meals. Take it on a planned sexual activity, for example at Friday night. Wait for 30 minutes before you begin making love with your wife or sexual partner. Once the medication takes effect you will have a hard on and can have it again within 36 hours. However, you are not allowed to take tadalafil citrate more than once as taking too much of it will not enhance the effects of the drug but rather will give you negative side effects. You are only allowed to take tadalafil citrate once in every 36 hours. The maximum allowable dosage for tadalafil citrate is 20 mg. However you may start with a lower dosage if it is your first time to take, then gradually increase it until you are able to get a satisfying result. Some men may begin to take tadalafil citrate 10 mg, but if you are okay with the 20 mg dosage then you can take it regularly for ED treatment.

Although tadalafil citrate is a beneficial drug for treating erectile dysfunction, it may not be suitable for everybody. If you have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem, or the doctor has been advising you to avoid sex due to other health problems then tadalafil citrate is not for you. Since tadalafil citrate can last for up to 36 hours your risk of experiencing the potential side effects is higher is you are having other health problems. If you are not sure whether tadalafil citrate is safe for your usage or not, it is best that you consult your doctor first.