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Finasteride 1mg Generic – Your Best Source for Hair Loss Treatment

Not all men will become bald due to male pattern baldness, but those that do likely has the genetic trait which inevitably seals their fate of becoming bald as soon as they were born.  If you have the genetic trait of male pattern baldness, the condition will not get triggered until you are in your twenties.  While it may not seem to manifest yet, the condition will have already started.  You will start to see it as soon as part of your scalp becomes visible through your hair and that your hairline seems to be increasing.  Whether your balding condition has already started to manifest or that you want to stop its occurrence early on, you will need to use finasteride 1mg generic in order to properly treat it.

There are many hair loss products available in the market, but none of them deals with the condition directly at its source – the hormone.  Yes, it is actually a hormone called dihydrotestosterone that triggers the thinning of hair follicles which results into the thinning of hair strands.  Slowly, the hair follicle becomes very thin until it is no longer able to support both hair strand and hair growth.  At this point, it enters a sleep stage until it dies.  If you are able to use finasteride 1mg generic before your hair follicles die, you will be able to eventually revive them.

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