Are Generic Medications Less Effective Than Branded Drugs?

Generic medications are basically duplicates of the branded version of medicines. They have the same strength, intended usage, dosage, risks, ingredients, side effects, and effectiveness. In short, generic medications have the same pharmacological characteristics with those of the brand name medicines. But due to its extremely low prices, a lot of people might think that generic medications have lower qualities and effectiveness which have been compromised to make them cheaper. Your family, friends, officemates, and the other people around you might discourage you from buying generic medications because their cheap prices might sound too good to be true. But the fact is, generic medications are as effective as its branded counterparts. This article will shortly explain you why so read on.

When a certain drug is being developed by a company, they have to spend a lot of investments for its years of research, marketing, advertisements and promotions, and development. Before the company is authorized to sell the drug into the market, the firm has to apply for patent and might require them to undergo several processes. When the patent is granted, they become authorized to sell the drug for a certain period of time. However, after a few years the patent will eventually expire and a lot of companies would become interested in copying and reproducing the drugs. And since they have not spent a lot of cash for the development of the medicine, they can sell the drug they reproduced at a lower cost. And these are called generic medications. So basically contain the same characteristics with the brand-name drugs, except that they might differ in the shape and color. Thus, generic medications can give you the desired results as the branded ones can.

Therefore, it is a myth that generic medications are inferior with the branded medicines in terms of the effectiveness and quality. Remember that FDA will never approve the release of a certain drug in the market that is not proven safe and effective, and has not undergone several clinical trials. Moreover, the FDA has mentioned that more than 50 percent of the manufacturers of generic medications are also the manufacturers of brand name drugs. Yes it is true that there are indeed a lot of companies out there that produce both the branded and generic medications.

Generic medications are perfect for those individuals who are practical and greater savings. Remember that medicines need not to be of very high cost to reflect its effectiveness. If you are on a tight budget and in dire need of drugs for treatment then you might want to consider buying generic medications the next time around. If you want them even cheaper, you can try buying generic medications over the internet. There are actually hundreds of legal drug store online that has extended their services in the world wide web. However, when you generic medications online make sure they come from legit pharmacies to avoid getting the wrong drugs. Read more: Save Money on ED Medications with Generic Tadalafil