What changes will the Bill make?

This update is for people interested in looking at the details of the legislation. We’ll be providing some plain English materials on the Bill and the changes it would make in the next week or so.

We have put together an extracted version of the Family Law Act that shows what the Act would look like if the Family Law Amendment Legislation (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill is passed, and how these changes are different to the Draft Bill that was released in December last year. The document does not include the changes made to the Family Law Act in the ‘Other Measures’ part of the Bill.

It’s a bit complicated so we’ve used a few different colours and comments to try to explain what is going on – read the first page of the document for an explanation.

We prepared this document for use in our own analysis of the Bill and thought we would share it in case it is useful to other organisations doing the same. We can’t guarantee its accuracy (actually, this was so complicated, we are pretty confident we made a mistake somewhere!), so please double check the original Act and Bills yourself and let us know if you find any mistakes in our version!

Download the amended Family Law Act extract

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